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Responding to the student voice...

  • You said that you wanted to be able to borrow laptops throughout the day. They are now available on a 6 hour loan starting anytime day or night.                                                                                         


  • You said that NILE can be confusing and inconsistent. We have updated and standardised templates for 2018/19 and our Learning Technology team are working closely with lecturers to improve your experience of NILE.        


  • You said that you wanted more e-books.  We will always buy an online version of every item on an online reading list as long as it is available in an accessible and appropriate format.


  • You said that you still valued print.  We aim to provide a balanced collection and will always buy print where print is the most appropriate medium.


  • You said that many links on NELSON were broken or don’t take you to the full text.  We aim to fix every broken link quickly or link to the full text, but sometimes we don’t know of the problem.  Please always report broken links to us as soon as you come across them.


  • You said that sometimes the books that you need are not in the library.  We aim to provide every book that you need so please do tell us if something is missing from the collection.  


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