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Library support for students studying at other locations (EWO)

Welcome to UoN

If you are a University of Northampton student studying at another location, either in the UK or anywhere else in the world, this web site offers some useful guidance about resources and support for your learning. (Please note: The official term for University of Northampton students studying at other locations via our educational partners is Education with Others, or EWOs for short).

You may have access to a library at home (through the organisation or college associated with the University) and, if so, you should get to know what is available and key staff who can help you. The resources and services you can access at home should be the first place you go for information and help.

You also have access to supplementary resources and services through Library and Learning Services (LLS), here at the University. This web site is designed to provide information and links to these supplementary resources.

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