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Aspire-NILE reading list integration: 2018-2019

Aspire lists will automatically roll over for 2018-2019

The content on Aspire online reading lists from the 2017-2018 academic year will automatically roll onto the Aspire lists for 2018-2019 on the 1st August 2018 . There is no need to copy the content across to a new Aspire list for 2018-2019.  If you want to update your list, please go ahead as normal.

Re-connecting your top level Aspire list from within NILE

New NILE templates have been created for each module for 2018-2019.  You will need to copy across content from your 2017-2018 NILE site following the instructions provided by the Learning Technology team.  Once you have copied across your module content you are then ready to reconnect your Aspire reading list within NILE. To do this, follow the quick process outlined below.


1) Included in the module template is a Reading and Resources link in the left hand menu.  See the screenshot below:

Aspire LTI NILE 1


2) If you click on the Reading and Resources link, you will see a Module Reading List link in the right hand pane. See the screenshot below.

Aspire NILE LTI 2


3) Click on the Module Reading List link.  This will take you through to the Launch LTI Link page. Click on the Launch button. See the screenshot below. 

N.B. Some staff have experienced an error screen at this stage.  If this happens to you, either try clicking refresh or click on the back button and then click on Module Reading List again.  This fixes this error in most instances.

Aspire NILE LTI 3


4) The system should automatically detect the right Aspire online reading list for your module.  If you want to link to your main overall reading list, select The list from the drop down menu and then click Save. You have now successfully connected your list and when your students click on the Module Reading List link they should go straight through.

Aspire NILE LTI 5



Re-connecting to a sub-section of your Aspire list from within NILE

If you have created links to sub-sections of your Aspire online reading list from specific content areas of NILE (e.g Course Materials), providing you have copied those content areas over following the instructions providing by the Learning Technology Team, you will find that there are placeholders already for you to reconnect to your reading list sub-sections. To reconnect to a sub-section of your list, following the quick instructions below.

1) On NILE, navigate to the location where you previously created a link to a reading list sub-section.  See the example screenshots below:

Aspire NILE LTI 6


Aspire NILE LTI 7


2) When you click on the link to your reading list sub-section (see the example above), the Launch LTI Link page will appear (see below).  Click on the Launch button.

Aspire LTI Launch Image


3) Using the drop down option, select the sub-section of your reading list that you wish to link directly to and click on Save. See the screenshot below.  Now when students click on the sub-section reading list link, they will be taken directly through to the relevant sub-section.

Aspire NILE LTI 8