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Aspire Guide for staff

Guidance for creating resource lists within Aspire

Announcing our new library system

The library has some good news!

We have been working hard to bring you a new version of NELSON and Reading Lists, with lots of great features and useful tools. We have help guides for members of staff and for students with key dates you should know, a timeline of what will be happening that might affect you, actions you should take and where you can get help.

There will be lots of benefits, after a short period of disruption, that will make using the library even easier and we are excited to show you all the great features as we go live in the period after 12th July.

Aspire Resource Lists

Aspire is a piece of software that you can use to create online reading or resource lists with links directly through to the electronic full text (e-books, e-journals, websites, videos) or to items in NELSON.  You can structure your lists thematically or annotate your lists with notes for students.  You can also use Aspire LTI integration to interweave your weekly or themed readings into the relevant sections of your module on NILE.  As well as accessing Aspire resource lists through NILE, you can also access the Aspire interface directly.

Aspire is flexible software which means that there are often multiple ways to achieve the same result.  We have tried to list some of the variables within these pages but please be aware that there may be alternative ways to complete some of the steps that are not included within these pages.