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Business Systems and Operations Subject Guide

An Academic Librarian guide for students

Evaluation Tips

To make sure you are getting the best quality information sources to inform your assignment or dissertation you will need to evaluate everything you use. For each resource you use in your assignments, think about the following questions to evaluate their relevance and quality.

Who, what, where and when?

  • Who has created/published the information (e.g. an academic who is an expert in the subject area)? Who is your source written for? Academics? Children?
  • What is it saying? Is there any evidence of bias? Does the information have a political or commercial agenda?
  • Where is the information from? Is it reliable? Where is the evidence? Are references provided enabling you to check the sources used?
  • When was it created? Is it up to date? Does it matter for your topic? Has it retained its currency?

Questions for evaluating information - who, what, where, when, why and how?