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Workflow 4: Blog, Journal, Discussion Board

Information for Staff

Add your External Examiner to your NILE site

If your External Examiner requires a NILE account, or if you are not sure what their NILE username is, please contact the External Examiners team.

Once you have your External Examiner's NILE username (this will normally be six digit number beginning 58), access your NILE site and select the Users option from the Users and Groups link in the module Control Panel.

Select Find Users to Enrol from the drop-down menu.

Type the External Examiner username into the Username text entry box.

Choose External Examiner from the Role drop-down menu.

Check the Enrolment Availability radio button is set to Yes.

Select Submit to proceed.

Update the default External Examiner Smart View

Select Full Grade Centre from the module Control Panel.

Select Manage from the menu bar.

Select Smart Views from the drop-down menu.

Select Edit from the Option menu beside External Examiner View 1.

Edit the Smart View Name to be External Examiner [Assessment code].

Select the User radio button in the Type of View section.

Choose Selected Users from the Select Criteria section.

Use the Ctrl key and mouse to highlight the Students to be moderated.

Choose Selected Columns Only in the Filter Results section.

Highlight the assessment to be moderated.

the selections are made with pop-up menus

Select Submit.

Edit or Copy External Examiner View 2 for each additional assessment.

Using the External Examiner folder

In each module-level NILE course there is an external examiner area which is accessible at the very bottom of the course menu. You can use this area to put documents into for your external examiner.


It is essential that the 'External examiner' area remains hidden from students at all times. As an additional precaution we also recommend that all files in the external examiner area are set to unavailable. Your external examiner will be able to access the content even if it is unavailable to students.

As shown in the screenshot below, the box with the diagonal line through it after 'External examiner' shows that the area is hidden from students. By default, the external examiner area in all NILE courses is always set to be hidden from students.

External examiner content area

If for any reason your 'External examiner' area is not hidden from students, select it and choose 'Hide Link'. You will then see the box with the diagonal line though it indicating that it is hidden from students.

Hide link

In the following screenshot, you can see that the file in the 'External examiner' area is also hidden from students.

Hidden content item

To quickly make items unavailable to students, select the item and choose 'Make Unavailable'.

Make file unavailalbe

Should you require urgent assistance with NILE, please contact the LearnTech Support Helpdesk via the online contact form