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Academic Librarian Online Drop-in

How to attend an online Academic Librarian Drop-in

Information Skills

Academic Librarians can help with:

  • Finding information
  • Referencing
  • Using Nelson
  • Search Techniques
  • Google Scholar
  • Searching for literature
  • Evaluating sources
  • Using subject databases
  • Exploring keywords
  • Recording your search

When are the Drop-ins?

Drop-in sessions for the Academic Librarians are currently online. To attend a Drop-in, please use our Collaborate Drop-in Room. Please note Collaborate works best using Chrome or Firefox. Please see our Drop-in Times below:

How do I join the online session?

To attend the drop-in please use our Drop-in Collaborate Room. Please check the drop-in times before attending. There is a help guide available for attending an online Drop-in session in Collaborate.