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A regular series of sessions facilitated by Library and Learning Services, covering diverse subjects. There's something here for everyone...


So, what should I expect?

‘So, here’s the thing..’ provides University staff, students, and members of the public with an opportunity to talk to an audience about something they are passionate or knowledgeable about. Previous sessions enlightened and entertained by covering a wide range of topics including freedom of speech, eating disorders, firearms trafficking, public information films, screenwriting and the sociology of hair. 

Anyone can be a speaker – if you or someone you know would like to take centre stage then please contact

So, what's coming up?

‘So, here’s the thing…’ is back with another cracking line up. We will be back on campus, so hoping to see you in T-Pod C. Coming up, we've got:

  • Wednesday 25th May - Claire Massie is talking 'A Scent of Relief' - Please note this session is taking place in The Hide. 

    Come along for an interactive session to discover the link between your sense of smell and your fight or flight response. Learn how to hack your nervous system by turning this powerful survival mechanism to your advantage.

    This is a truly hands-on chance to experience the potential effects of different essential oils on your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

    All products used are Vegetarian, Certified Organic, and Cruelty-Free. There will be Vegan options available.

    Allergies/ Sensitivities:

    Please note that some of the products used contain NUT and/or SEED oils. It is important to note that even those products formulated without nuts or nut-derived ingredients may still contain traces of nuts because cross-contamination may occur in the production process.

    The tea bags are made in a factory that processes mustard and celery.

    If you have very reactive skin, or are sensitive to strong smells, this session is probably not for you. I do run alternative sessions, so please get in touch if you would like to find out more or ask any questions.

    Claire Massie

    IG: @clairelovesorganic

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