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Loan laptops: Home

Borrowing a laptop from a cabinet in the Learning Hub

Loan laptops

The laptop loan cabinets in the Learning Hub are back! The cabinet is available on the ground floor, next to the Journal collection.

To borrow a laptop, press 'borrow' on the screen, scan your University ID and then enter your University PIN. The screen will tell you which laptop locker has been assigned to you, and also when it is due for return (all laptops are given a 6 hour loan period). The laptop locker assigned to you will have a flashing light to help you locate it. You will need to scan your ID card in the reader on your assigned row to unlock the locker door, then remove the laptop, disconnecting both the power lead and data cable. Once you have done this please close the locker door.

The laptop must be returned to the same cabinet it was borrowed from, and it will need to be returned by the borrower using your University ID card. Press 'return' on the laptop cabinet screen, then scan your University ID. You will be asked to return the laptop, plugging in both cables. The light in the locker will flash to help you locate it. Please ensure you reconnect both the power lead and data cable to the laptop, then close the cabinet door.

Always save your work to your OneDrive. This service is only for students of the University of Northampton.