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Learning Technology Team

Introduction to Assessment Workflows

Information for Staff

Submitting and Grading Electronically (SaGE)

Section 4.29 of the University's Assessment and Feedback Policy states that,

"All assessments other than examinations must be submitted online unless an approved exemption has been granted."

The Staff Handbook further explains that,

"NILE (Northampton Integrated Learning Environment) is the University's virtual learning environment. SaGE (Submitting and Grading Electronically) is the primary method for the submission, marking and return of feedback to students. SaGE is carried out using NILE, although NILE obviously has many other purposes too. The expectation is that all assignments will be submitted via SaGE unless an exemption has been requested and granted for a particular item of assessment. Exemptions are only agreed for very limited reasons and are reviewed annually ... Work emailed directly to staff, rather than through NILE, should not be accepted."

In order to make SaGE as straighforward as possible, the Learning Technology Team have provided detailed guides outlining the most common processes for submitting and marking student work; these guides are referred to as the Assessment Workflows.

While it is not possible for all items of assessment to be submitted online (if they are physical artifacts or performances, for example), it is possible to provide grades and feedback online for all items of assessment, and there is an option for this in the assessment workflows.

While the assessment workflows will work for the majority of assessment types, please note that there is no expectation that staff should limit their assessment aspirations to fit in with these workflows. The workflows are not meant to restrict the range of assessments available, and the Learning Technology Team are happy to work with and support staff who wish to explore creative, innovative and unorthodox assessments which do not fit into the existing workflows, and to design bespoke workflows to suit these needs.


Please note that the assessment workflows are a set of technical guides produced and maintained by the Learning Technology Team. They are designed to be used in conjunction with University policies, in particular the Assessment and Feedback Policy, and with information about assessment in the Staff Handbook. These documents can be found using the link below.

University Policies, Procedures and Regulations

The staff handbook, and all University policies, procedures and regulations, including those related to teaching, learning and assessment, can be found at:

Should you require urgent assistance with NILE, please contact the LearnTech Support Helpdesk via the online contact form