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Workflow 1a: Old Turnitin Assignments

Information for Staff

Using groups to split marking between staff

Anonymous Turnitin assignments do not populate the grade centre while anonymity is in place. When marking is split between staff, the markers will need to know which papers they have been assigned without knowing the author of each. Two features of NILE can be employed together to achieve this: Blackboard groups and the Turnitin Assignments by Groups tool. The steps in this section of the guide detail the workflow required.

Creating groups on NILE

For the purposes of marking, this section shows how to create groups that are not visible to students. Instructors on the module will be able to see group members, but the students will not.

This method shows how to create groups one at a time. It is also possible to create multiple groups by importing a spreadsheet. Details can be found on the Blackboard Learn Help page, 'Import and Export Groups'. Please seek further assistance from your learning technologist if required.

Navigate to the course management menu, expand Users and Groups, and select Groups.

The course management menu is listed alpabetically.

Select the Create menu at the top of the page and choose the Manual Enrol option under the heading Single Group.

Manual enrol for a single group is the second option in the list.

Name the group appropriately so that markers can identify their group.

The name is the first field of the form.

For the purposes of marking only, select No for the visibility to students. Unless your students are working together in these groups, it is not necessary for them to see their fellow group members.

This option uses radio buttons.

For the purposes of marking only, deselect all of the tools available to the students. Unless your students are working together in these groups, it is not necessary for them to use these tools.

Each checkbox requires unticking individually.

Select the Add Users button in the membership section to open the user list.

The membership section is the last heading on the page.

Select the students for the group using the tickboxes on the left. Submit the selection once all students for the group have been ticked.

The lastname of each student is in the fourth column of the table.

TIP: To quickly find students, use the Show All option under the list so that all students appear on one page. Then use your web browser's search function, ctrl + F, to search for names. This can be much quicker than using the Search box on the user's page.



The new group will be shown in the list. Repeat these steps to create a group for each marker.


Enabling the Turnitin Assignments by Groups tool

The Turnitin groups tool needs enabling in each course in you wish to use it.

Navigate to the course management menu, expand the Customisation heading, and select Tool Availability.

The course management menu is listed in alphabtical order.

Scroll down the list to locate the tool named Turnitin Assignments by Groups. Tick the corresponding checkbox next to it.

The tools are listed in alphabetical order.

Use the Submit button to save the changes.

The Submit button is at the bottom of the page.

Viewing Turnitin submissions by group

Navigate to the Course menu, expand the Course Tools heading, and select Turnitin Assignments by Groups.

The course tools menu is listed in alphabetical order.

Select the assignment you wish to view.

The assignments are listed in the order they were created.

Select the name of the group from the popup menu.


View a paper by selecting its title. The Feedback Studio view will open.

The title of each submission is in the second column in the table.

Should you require urgent assistance with NILE, please contact the LearnTech Support Helpdesk via the online contact form