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NELSON - the new library system and your 'saved records': Home

What is the new library system?

As part of the new library system implementation, we anticipate that NELSON saved records, also known as pinned favourites, will be brought across into the new version of NELSON. Saved queries, saved alerts, and search history will not be brought across into the new system.

However, we are advising that anyone who uses and relies on NELSON saved records (pinned favourites), to export them to ensure you have continued access and to make sure nothing goes missing.

This must be completed by Wednesday 6th July, 2022. After this it will not be possible to access your account.

How do I export my saved records, also known as pinned favourites?

  1. Login to your NELSON account at using your university email address and password. Go to your saved records by clicking the pin in the top right-hand corner

Click on pin icon in top right hand corner

2. Select all items by ticking the box at the top of your list (or those you wish to export by ticking each individually). This may take a few moments to process. Then click the three dots to open the export menu

Tick box is top left, three dot menu is top centre

3.  In the export menu, you can select to export either to Refworks or to an Excel spreadsheet. You can also select to Print your saved records if you prefer


4.  To export to Refworks, click the icon, then follow the instructions in the new tab. To export to Excel, select xlsx from the file type dropdown menu and click ‘Download’

Pull down file type menu and make selection then press download

5.  In most cases, this will download an Excel spreadsheet with reference information for your saved records (pinned) favourites. You may have to scroll across to see the full information

An exported excel file

If you have items saved in your saved (pinned) favourites which are particularly old and no longer available, it is possible that the downloaded spreadsheet will be blank due to a known bug. In that case, please try exporting your records in smaller batches (e.g. 10 at a time) to help identify the problem item.

I need help exporting my files

If you need any help exporting your saved records from NELSON, please contact and a member of the library team will be in touch.