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NILE Aspire integration

NILE - Aspire: setting up your online reading list integration: 2020-2021

If you have created links to sub-sections of your Aspire online reading list from specific content areas of NILE (e.g Course Materials), providing you have copied those content areas over following the instructions provided by the Learning Technology Team, you will find that there are placeholders already for you to reconnect to your reading list sub-sections. To reconnect to a sub-section of your list, following the quick instructions below.

1) On NILE, navigate to the location where you previously created a link to a reading list sub-section.

Using the left hand menu in NILE


Reading list icon at bottom of page

2) When you click on the link to your reading list sub-section (see the example above), the Launch LTI Link page will appear (see below).  Click on the Launch button.

Launch button on bottom right


3) Using the drop down option, select the sub-section of your reading list that you wish to link directly to and click on Save. See the screenshot below.  Now when students click on the sub-section reading list link, they will be taken directly through to the relevant sub-section.

Drop down menu in NILE to select module