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Study Support: Additional Support


Students working together on their studies

Support for students with disabilities and/or additional needs

We appreciate that some students may find using library services overwhelming, particularly if they have a disability, medical condition, specific learning difference or are experiencing personal or mental health issues. Our staff are welcoming and knowledgeable. Their primary aim is to enable, support and enhance your use of the library and our range of resources, facilities and services so please ask if you need any help.

As part of this support, we offer an Alternative Formats Service. This service provides accessible library resources for students with disabilities who cannot access standard texts on their reading list. The library aims to purchase content that is accessible to all our users, as outlined in our Accessibility Statement, but there may be  instances where a student with an additional need requires an alternative format.

If you feel your needs are complex and you require more tailored support in order to make the best use of library services, including use of the Alternative Formats Service, then please contact

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