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Study Support: Learning Development

Learning Development is a resource for all students that provides free guidance and tuition on any academic skills, such as essay writing, dissertations, critical analysis, presentation skills, maths and statistics. You can contact us by email at:  


Learning Development Drop-in page (opens in a new window)

Drop-in sessions are available for academic skills plus maths and statistics. Please check the drop-in times before signing up to the Drop-in App, which opens at the start of each drop-in session. The drop-ins take place in the Drop-in Area, on the second floor of the Learning Hub, at Waterside Campus.


My resources

Learning Development site (opens in a new window)

You can access a wide range of resources on the Skills Hub, from study guides to online interactive materials, covering key academic skills, mathematics and statistics.



Learning Development Tutorials page (opens in a new window)

We can offer you a 25 mins online, telephone or tutorial appointment in-person. To book, please follow the Student login link above. If you require an appointment at the St. George's Avenue site, please email Learning Development.
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