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Which tutorial should I choose?: Home

How you book a tutorial has changed. You will now need to use your student number and University password to log in. We have a video showing you how to book a tutorial. We also have a guide for finding and using your University email address. If you need any help with this, we have a quick form you can complete and we will get back to you.

Help with library basics

If you're new to the University or haven't used NELSON before this tutorial we'll give you a brief introduction to NELSON and show you ways of finding resources more quickly and efficiently. We can also give you advice on how you can get more training and support from other services.

Finding research for my subject

In this tutorial we can help you plan your search, create meaningful search strategies, search for literature using NELSON and subject specialist databases, evaluate, save and organise your results.

Using RefWorks

We can help with using the RefWorks software to manage your referencing, citation and bibliography.

Study skills support

We can help you with the skills you need to succeed in your studies, like critical thinking, exams and revision, notetaking and time management.

Referencing and citation

In this tutorial we will give guidance on citation and referencing in a consistent and accurate manner, in line with the referencing style you are using.

Maths and stats

We can help you the maths and stats you might come across during your studies, including interpreting data from your own research. We can also give you help on using SPSS.

Academic peer support

Learning Development Mentors are current undergraduate students at UON who guide you through dialogue to assist your learning journey. The Learning Development Mentors cannot look at your written work as this compromises their position as a student. Learning Development mentors can offer assistance from a student perspective on: notetaking, assessment structure, time management, referencing, presentations and exam techniques.

Developing my writing skills

We can help you with writing your assignments, like essays, reports and dissertations. We can look at understanding the title, academic writing and structure.

English is not my first language

We can help you with understanding and using academic English in your studies. This includes understanding titles and briefs, academic writing, referencing, literature reviews, reading strategies and grammar and vocabulary. 

Digital skills

We can help you if you have limited computer experience with basic computing queries, like using your university laptop, basic questions about NILE, queries about Microsoft Office applications, and other basic queries related to using computers and digital tools for learning.