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Accessibility Statement

What is University of Northampton's Library and Learning Services (LLS) doing to make its website accessible?

In-house systems and content

Library and Learning Services (LLS) has a number of online resources developed in-house and also online resources provided by third-party suppliers.

The LLS team is currently working on our in-house systems and content to ensure each resource is accessible for both the content and the navigability of the platform by September 2020.  

We aim to create in-house content and systems to meet the accessibility standards and the content we create should be compatible with assistive technology.

AbilityNet has advice on making your device easier to use if you have a disability.

Third-party systems and content

We are also working with our third-party suppliers to provide accessibility statements for each platform and identify accessibility issues and solutions.

Depending on our relationship with the 3rd party, we cannot always guarantee its accessibility.

We plan to work with our suppliers to review all linked tools by September 2020 and phase out use where these are inaccessible.

We will make another assessment when the supplier contracts are up for renewal, and check tools for accessibility at that time.

In-house and third-party platforms and content from LLS

Below are listed the platforms and content via which we provide services (excluding NILE – please see the separate NILE accessibility statement):

  • NELSON (Northampton Electronic Search Online) – third party content and platform
  • The Library Catalogue – third party content and platform
  • Aspire online reading lists – third party content and platform
  • A-Z List of Databases - platform in-house and content third-party
  • Exam Papers Database – platform and content in-house
  • LibGuides – platform third-party and content in-house
  • Skills Hub – platform third-party and content in-house
  • PURE (Publications and Research) – The University of Northampton’s Research Explorer – containing research publications and activities of UoN staff and thesis from UoN students – third party content and platform.
  • NECTAR (Northampton Electronic Collection of Theses and Research) – third party content and platform