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Assignment Submission Guide for Ultra Courses

Information for Students

What is a Blackboard assignment?

Blackboard assignment logoFor assessments requiring you to submit multiple files, or a video / audio, or a group assignment, your tutor is likely to set up a submission point on NILE known as a Blackboard assignment. The procedure for submitting a Blackboard assignment is slightly different from that of submitting a Turnitin assignment.  

This guide will provide you with step-by-step information on how to submit your work using Blackboard assignment.

How do I submit a Blackboard assignment?

Log in to NILE.

From the left, select Courses and then click the name of the Course in which you wish to submit your assignment.

Open the section called Assessment and Submission.

(There may be a folder within this called Submit your Work, or you may find your submission points within the folder for each assessment.  If you cannot find your submission point in Assessment and submission, click the Gradebook tab (top-left in your Course), then click the Item name. If you still cannot find it, the assessment may not yet have been made Available - please contact your Tutor).

assessment and submission

Select the assignment (e.g., PS1 Presentation). 

Blackboard Ultra assignment details

Select View Assessment.  The assignment submission details, including the due date, will be given on the right.

add content and submit

Click Add Content.

You will now see a text box, with Details and Information about the assignment to the right of it.

This is the text box into which you can either type or copy/paste your text.

Above this box you will see a tool bar, which will enable you to format your text, e.g., to add headings, colours, make text bold, italic, or underlined.

You can align your text, or add bullet points or numbered lists (there is even an undo button).

With the link tool you can select some text within this box, click the link tool, paste in the URL, to link to a site/page/article, etc.

With the paperclip tool, you can attach files to submit as, or with, your assignment - for example, Word, PowerPoint, PDF files.

The + tool enables you to submit other items, such as video (see next page for step-by-step guidance on submitting videos).

Finally, click Submit (bottom-right).

Blackboard assignment text box

You can click back to the Attempt to see how your assignment will be displayed to your Tutor for marking.

Check for an email from which is your submission receipt.

If you need to make another attempt before the deadline, repeat all steps, and then click Start attempt 2 (or 3, etc.)

How do we submit a Blackboard group assignment?

When you have been set a group assignment, only one member of the group needs to submit the work you have produced together. That one person will submit your group assignment in the same way as an individual assignment.

Please make sure you know whether you are submitting the same piece of work as a group and not being asked to submit individual pieces of work despite having worked together. 

Should you require urgent assistance with NILE, please contact the LearnTech Support Helpdesk via the online contact form