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NILE Assignment Submission Guide for Ultra Courses

Information for Students

Where do I find my Turnitin assignment feedback?

  • Go to your Course, click Gradebook, click the Turnitin assignment to open your submission.
  • Or, from the main NILE menu, click Grades, find your course, and click the assignment.
  • The overall feedback will be on the right-hand side of the Turnitin Document Viewer, together with a rubric, or voice comment, if used.

How do I read my Turnitin feedback?

Text Comment

You can see your marked paper displayed in Turnitin Document Viewer. On the right of the screen, click the speech bubble to read the Instructor Feedback.  Your marked paper will have specific feedback in the Text Comment box:

Paper feedback

You may also have more detailed feedback, linked to or placed near a specific word, sentence or section of the assignment.  This may be be in the form of: 

Bubble comments

Inline comments


Turnitin rubric

If a Turnitin Rubric has been attached to this assignment, you will see the option to View Rubric. Click to launch the rubric in a new window. The boxes shaded in blue indicates your level of achievement, by showing the grading criteria against each learning outcome for the assignment:

example of a marked rubric

Voice Comment

There may be a voice comment, in addition to other feedback. Click the play button to listen to the recording:

 Click Play to listen to the Voice Comment

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