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Ultra Workflow 5: Performance, Presentation (in person), Viva, Artefact

Information for Staff

Guidance for external examiners

The following page will explain how to access the NILE courses you are enrolled on, and how to find and view the assessments, feedback, and information about the grading, feedback and verification processes that took place for each module.

If you are unable to log in to NILE, or do not know how to, please select the link below.

Finding the courses that you are enrolled on

Once you have logged in to NILE, select the 'Courses' button to find the courses that you are enrolled on, and click on the course title to enter the course. Depending on whether you are in list or grid view, the courses will display as follows:

If you are enrolled on multiple courses, you can use the 'Search your courses' box to quickly find the course that you are looking for.

If you are not enrolled on all the NILE courses that you need access to, please contact the programme leader and ask them to enrol you.

All external examiners should be enrolled on the 'EE101: External Examiners Testing Area' NILE course. If you are not sure about any of the features or functions of NILE, you can use the EE101 course to check over any processes. The EE101 course has only dummy students enrolled and dummy assessments submitted, so you are welcome to use this course in order to get better acquainted with NILE.

Viewing the external examiner notes, etc

If staff have added external examiner notes and/or internal moderation notes, etc., for you to review, these will be located in the 'Grading, feedback, and verification' folder in the NILE course.

The 'Grading, feedback, and verification' folder will be hidden from students, as will all documentation inside that folder. It is vital that the folder and contents remain hidden from students, as these documents contain confidential information and disclosure to students may constitute a data breach.

Please note that practices vary across the University, and staff may not necessarily make use of the 'Grading, feedback, and verification' folder. If this is the case, the programme/module leader will explain their practices to you and will send you the necessary information via alternative means.

If the documents in the folder have been uploaded in a common MS Office format (Word, Excel, etc) they will display directly in the NILE course when you select them, so you may not need to download them.

If you do download any documents containing information about students, these should be treated as confidential and subject to the Data Protection Act (2018). Such information should always be held securely on a password protected device, and completely deleted from the device once you no longer need access to the documents.

Accessing Blackboard offline assignments, grades, and feedback

Important Note

When viewing the grades and feedback for Blackboard offline assignments, please make sure that you do not adjust any settings, or make any changes to students' grades or feedback, as these changes will be saved and will be immediately visible to students.

An offline assignment is one in which no work is submitted electronically for assessment (e.g., in the case of a physical artefact, performance, in-person presentation, viva), but where a Blackboard assignment has been created in order to provide students with their grades and feedback. In some cases, records of the assessment (e.g., photographs, or video or audio recordings) may be available in the 'Grading, feedback, and verification' folder, but if it is not obvious where to find these items you will need to speak to the module or programme leader. 

Once you are in a NILE course, to access a Blackboard offline assignment, select 'Gradebook'.

In list view, with 'Markable Items' selected (as shown in the screenshot below) all the items for assessment in the course will be visible. In the screenshot below, the second example in the list is a Blackboard offline assignment.

If you want to view all the grades for the assignments, you can switch to grid view.

To view the grades and feedback for students' offline assignments, switch to list view, and make sure that 'Markable Items' is selected. Then select the Blackboard offline assignment that you want to look at. This will open the Blackboard assignment inbox, from which the grades and feedback can be accessed.

Once the assignment inbox has opened, select the name of the student whose submission you want to view. This will open the Blackboard assignment for that student.

If there are a lot of students enrolled on the course and you are looking for a specific student, start typing their name into the search box to quickly find them and view their grade and feedback.


How an offline submission is presented in the Blackboard assignment viewer

When the assignment viewer opens, you will see immediately that it is an offline assignment. The grade and feedback will be available in the feedback panel on the right-hand side of the assignment viewer.

Group assignments

If the Blackboard assignment is a group assignment, when you access the assignment inbox you will be able to see the different groups, view the group members, and see the grades for each group.

Where all group members have not been given the same grade, 'Multiple' will be displayed, rather than a grade. Showing the group members will display the different grades that were allocated. In the screenshot below you can see that the members of Group 2 have not been given the same grade. The 'Override' next to the student's grade shows that this student has had their grade changed from the default grade allocated to the group.

Selecting the group name will open the assignment viewer.

The feedback and grade for the entire group will be visible to in the feedback panel. Where feedback to individual group members has also been given, this can be viewed by selecting 'Individual' in the feedback panel.  

Downloading an external file containing feedback for the student

If, instead of or as well as writing feedback for the student directly into the 'Feedback for student' box, staff have attached an external feedback file for the student, this can be downloaded and viewed by selecting the ellipsis button and choosing 'Download'.


If a rubric has been used when marking the assignment, this will be available in the feedback panel.

Select the rubric to view the criteria and marks allocated to each criterion.

Select each criterion to view more information about it.

Closing or navigating through the assignment viewer

Once you have completed viewing a Blackboard offline assignment, you can close the assignment viewer by selecting the close panel button on the left-hand side of the viewer. This will return you to the assignment inbox. Alternatively, you can select the name of the previous or next student in the assignment inbox list to view their feedback and grade.

Closing the assignment inbox

Closing the assignment inbox will take you back to the gradebook.

Once back in the gradebook, you can view another item of assessment, view the course content, or can exit the course by closing the panel.

From the NILE course page, you can select another course, or can exit NILE by choosing 'Sign Out' at the bottom on the main NILE menu.

Completing your external examiner report

When you have completed the process of external examination you will normally complete an external examiners report. If you have any questions about how to complete the report, please contact:

If you require assistance with NILE, please contact LearnTech Support using the NILE Enquiry Form

If you require assistance with PebblePad, please contact PebblePad Support using the PebblePad Contact Form