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Ultra Workflow 5: Performance, Presentation (in person), Viva, Artefact

Information for Staff

Grading and feeding back with offline submissions

To give a grade and provide feedback on an offline submission, access the Ultra Gradebook, and select the submission point.

Select the student whose work you want to assess.

Then add in the approximate time that the submission (i.e., the performance, presentation, viva, etc.) took place, and choose 'Save'.

The offline submission attempt is now created, and you can add the grade and provide feedback. If you have selected a marking rubric, this will be available.

You will need to add a numeric score out of 100 when giving a grade, which will be automatically translated into a letter grade by Gradebook. If you need to know which numeric score corresponds with which letter grade, please see the following FAQ:

If you have an external file to provide as part of your feedback, you can add this via the '+' (plus) button in the 'Feedback for student' box, then selecting 'Attachment'.

Finally, select 'Save' to save your grade and feedback.

You can now close this student's assessment panel and return to Gradebook to assess the next student.

Making grades and feedback available to students

Once the work has been assessed and internally moderated, the grades and feedback can be released to students.

In order to make the grades and feedback available to your students, go into the Gradebook and select your offline submission assignment.

Change the the assignment visibility from 'Hidden from students' to 'Visible to students', and select 'Post all marks' in the Gradebook.

If you do not want to post the grades and feedback for all your students at once, do not select 'Post all marks'. Instead, make sure that the assignment visibility is set to 'Visible to students', and select 'Post' for just those students who you want to receive their grades and feedback.

Once posted, the Gradebook clearly displays when students have received their grades and feedback.  

Students will only be able to see their grades and feedback once they have been posted, even if the assignment visibility is set to 'Visible to students'.

However, even if all grades and feedback have been posted, if the assignment is still set to 'Hidden from students', students will not be able to access their grades and feedback.

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