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Original Workflow 3: Blackboard Test

Information for Staff

Setting up a Blackboard Test

In the 'Site Menu' on the left side of the module page, you will find a section at the bottom called the ‘Control Panel’, within it you will find the ‘Site Tools'.

Click on Site Tools and in the drop-down list you will find ‘Tests, Surveys and Pools’.

screenshot of Sitr Menu with the Control Panel, Site Tools and Tests,surveys and Pools

To set up a Blackboard Test select ‘Tests’,

screenshot of Tests, Surveys and Pools section

Click on ‘Build Test’

screenshot of Tests  with Tests and Build Test highlighted

The first screen gives the Name and Information related to the test.

In the ‘Name’ box give the title of the test

In the ‘Description’ box below, give a Description of what the Test is.

Below that box is the ‘Instructions’ box where you give instructions to the students on what to do in the test; how many questions there are, how much time they have to take the test, how to answer the questions, etc.

Then press the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the page.

That is the ‘Test Canvas’ set up. The Test Canvas lets you add, edit and reorder questions, as well as review a test

You can now add questions to the Test canvas

screenshot of the Test canvas showing the create Questions button below

Select the ‘Create Questions’ drop-down box, where you will find the range of ‘Question Types’.

screenshot of the Test Canvas with the Create Question link highlighted

Select the type of question you want to create. You can add any of the question types to a single test; from 'Calculated Formula' to 'True/False'.

screenshot of the Create Questions buton and a list of some of the Question Types

Once you have written a question and want to save it you go to the bottom and you will find that there is a ‘Cancel’ button and a ‘Submit’ button, There is also a ‘Submit and Create Another’ button which will save the question you have just created, then take you on to another page to set up another Question of the Same Type.

screenshot of the Cancel, Submit and create Another, Submit buttons

Once you have finished building your questions, you are taken back to the Test Canvas where you can select to change the points allocated to each question or select 'all' and give them all the same points by adding the points to the 'Points' box and pressing the 'Update' button.

You can also delete some questions from the Test canvas by selecting the box to the left of the Question titles and press the 'Delete' button at the top left or bottom left of the list of questions.

screenshot of the Update Points box and Update bautton, also selected question and Delete button

To finish editing press the 'OK' button at the bottom right of the test canvas.

screenshot of the OK button at the bottom right of the screen

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