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Original Workflow 1: Turnitin

Information for Staff

Downloading and emailing a grade centre column

Navigate to Course Management, Control Panel, Grade Centre, Full Grade Centre.

The full grade centre link is available after expanding the Grade Centre heading

Select Work Offline, Download.

The download link is within the work offline action bar menu item

In the DATA section, change the option to 'Selected Column' and pick the name of your column from the list, e.g. 'AS1 - Assignment 1'. Tick the option to include comments for the column.

Leave the other settings as they are and use the Submit button to commit your choices.

The submit button is located in the footer of the page.

Use the download button on the next page to save the file to your downloads folder.

The download button is presented in the main content of the new page.

The file is in an Excel format. If you open it with Excel, you may be presented with an error message. Dismiss the error message by choosing to continue. The file is not harmful.

Check the file is the correct grade centre column and send it to your subject's student records team member as an email attachment.

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