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Original Workflow 4: Blog, Journal, Discussion Board

Information for Staff

Setting up a discussion board

In a content area (eg. Module Activities) click 'Tools, Discussion Board'.

Click ‘Create New Forum’ click 'Next'.

Screengrab - Create link discussion board

Enter a 'Name' and 'Description'
The entered text will be viewable to the student after they have clicked the 'discussion board' link from the content area. Scroll down to see availability and grading settings.

(Please enter a meaningful name such as ‘week 1-topic’ or ‘topic 1’ and a description of what is required) 

Blackboard Create Forum - Screengrab

Set 'Available' to 'Yes', to allow students to view your discussion board. 
To allow grading of your discussion board, choose the option 'Grade Discussion Forum' and enter Points Possible as 100

Review all other settings before Submitting. 

Select your forum from the list and click Next (you may only have one forum in your list)

Blackboard Forum, Create Link, Screengrab

Add clear instructions for the task, set the other options (including availability). Then click 'Submit'. 

screengrab-discussion board link information

You will now see the link to the discussion board at the bottom of your content items.

Blackboard Forum Topic displayed in NILE
Go into the Discussion Board and create a new Thread for your students to reply to.  (As students are unlikely to engage without an opening thread)

Screenshot - Discussion Board, Option to create thread selected.

Reviewing board posts in SITE TOOLS

Access the Discussion Board tool from 'Site Management, Site Tools, Discussion Board'.

Screen-grab, site tools, discussion board highlighted.

This area gives an overview of all discussions within the Module site. 

The tutor can view all Forums.

Screen-grab, discussion board forum overview

Clicking on the number beneath 'Unread posts' or Replies takes you directly to the student posts. 

Clicking on a forum title displays the forum threads.

Screen-grab, Discussion board, forum



Responding to a discussion board post using the content area link.

Click on the link to the Discussion Board, this displays the individual discussion threads within the forum

Screen-grab, discussion board link

Instructors can reply to individual posts from within the Thread.

Screen-grab, viewing discussion board thread

If you require assistance with NILE, please contact LearnTech Support using the NILE Enquiry Form

If you require assistance with PebblePad, please contact PebblePad Support using the PebblePad Contact Form