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Information for Staff

Logging in to NILE

You can log in to NILE using a laptop/desktop computer, via a smartphone browser, or the Blackboard Learn app. To get the best experience from NILE, please make sure that you are using an up-to-date version of a supported browser, or an up-to-date version of the Blackboard Learn app.

The following browsers are supported for laptop/desktops and smartphones:

  • Google Chrome - most recent stable version and two preceding versions.
  • Mozilla Firefox - most recent stable version and two preceding versions.
  • Apple Safari for MacOS and iOS - two most recent major versions.
  • Microsoft Edge - most recent stable version and two preceding versions

The Blackboard Learn app is available for Apple and Android devices:

For more information about installing and updating browsers, and about the inbuilt accessibility features available in the different browsers, please see our FAQ:

Where to find NILE

You can find and access NILE by typing into your browser's URL bar and pressing the return key on your keyboard.


Or, select the following link to go straight to NILE:

You will then see the following screen. Select the 'Staff/Student Login' button, and then enter your username and password to login to NILE.

NILE Staff/Student Login

At the University Resources Log-in screen, enter your University of Northampton LoginID and your password.

University Resources Log-in

Your LoginID


Your LoginID for UON staff

Members of UON staff log in to NILE using their UON Staff ID. A UON Staff ID is a username composed of letters based on the staff member's initial(s) followed by the first few letters of their surname. For example, a person with the name Marie Louise Berneri would have the Staff ID MLBerne.

If this does not work, enter your full UON staff email address ending in the LoginID box, e.g.,

Your Password

If you don't know what your password is, or are having password problems, please see the following information from IT Services:

Logging in to NILE via the Staff Intranet

UON staff can also log in to NILE via the Staff Intranet by going to and selecting 'Staff. Please note that on smaller devices, you will need to select the 'burger menu' and choose 'Staff Intranet'.

University of Northampton Website

University of Northampton Website

Accessing NILE from the Staff Intranet

Once you have logged in to the Staff Intranet, select NILE. You will then be taken straight to NILE and automatically logged in.

What to do if you are unable to access NILE or the Staff Intranet

If you experience problems logging into NILE and you are in the UK, please contact IT Services either in person at the Student Information Desk on the ground floor of the Learning Hub at Waterside Campus, by calling them on 01604 893333, or by logging an IT ticket at

If you have problems logging into NILE and you are outside the UK, please contact IT Services by emailing

If you require assistance with NILE, please contact LearnTech Support using the NILE Enquiry Form

If you require assistance with PebblePad, please contact PebblePad Support using the PebblePad Contact Form