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How does the Learning Technology Team support the University’s UK and International partners in their use of NILE? 

In order to provide the University with a scalable and sustainable solution to NILE training for staff working in partner institutions in the UK and overseas, the Learning Technology Team will offer training via the following routes: 

  1. Self-service online training resources which will be available to all staff working in, and students studying at, partner institutions. 
  2. A personalised ‘train the trainer’ programme for up to three NILE champions per collaborative partner. 

The Learning Technology Team offers personalised online and face-to-face training only to designated NILE champions at partner institutions. Therefore, if collaborative partners wish to make use of NILE they must nominate at least one, but no more than three, NILE champions. The Learning Technology Team will offer training to these NILE champions, who will in turn train other staff and students at their institution. 

Each partner institution will be entitled to receive up to five hours per year of personalised online training from a Learning Technologist for their NILE champions. Partner institutions may request additional online training which will be charged at a rate of £100 per hour. 

A partner institution may request face-to-face training for their NILE champions instead of online training. Provided that this training is carried out at the University’s Waterside campus, the same charging structure will be applied (i.e. five free hours per year, £100 per hour thereafter). 

A partner institution may request face-to-face training for their NILE champions on their own premises, rather than at the University’s Waterside campus, and every effort will be made to accommodate this provided that the partner institution has already used up their annual entitlement of five free hours online or at Waterside. Where training for NILE champions at a partner institution’s premises is desired, the charge is £500 per day (between 3.5 and 7 hours) plus expenses, or £300 per half day (up to 3.5 hours) plus expenses. The charge is applied for the time that the learning technologist delivering the training is required to be absent from work. Thus, if two days of travel are required to deliver a one-day training course at a partner institution, the charge will be for three days (i.e. £1.5k) plus expenses. If a learning technologist is required to be absent from work for a whole day in order to deliver a half day of training, the charge is for the whole day (i.e. £500) plus expenses. 

Issues and problems with NILE arising at partner institutions may be directed via email to the partner institution’s nominated learning technologist, or to the learntech support email address, but these requests must come from one of the partner institution’s NILE champions. Emails which do not come from a NILE champion will not be responded to. Thus, staff and students from partner institutions who are experiencing problems with NILE must in the first instance direct their support requests to their partner institution’s NILE champion(s) who will attempt to diagnose and solve the problem prior to passing it on to a leaning technologist. Where an excessive number of emails from NILE champions are received, indicating a serious training need, training will need to be undertaken by the NILE champion(s) in question before further emails are responded to. 

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