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Learning Technology Team

Ultra Workflow 3: Blackboard Test

Information for Staff

Viewing the results of a computer marked test.

The results of tests are to be found in the Gradebook.

When you go to the Gradebook you will find all the assessments in there.

"Click on Gradebook in the top menu"

There are two views of assessments in the Gradebook, one is a grid view with a list of students down the left-hand side and their assessments.

"Grid view showing a list of students and what assessments they have engaged with"

Go to Markable Items to see a list of assessments and click on the assessment you want to mark.

"Assessments list view which is better for marking assessments"

By clicking on an assessment this will take you to a view where you can see the mark the computer has given to each of the questions in the test.

"a list of the questions in a Test and the mark that has been given by the computer"

This shows the individual marks given to each question by the computer and the total as well as the feedback to student area where the instructor would write any feedback.

"This shows the individual marks given to each  question"

This shows the marks for all the students for that test.

"This shows the marks for each of the students for the marked test"

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