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Learning Technology Team

Ultra Workflow 3: Blackboard Test

Information for Staff

Deploying a Blackboard Test with the correct options

Details and Information:

Due date and time Click on the boxes to enter the Due date and the Due time

Allow class conversations (we don't use this)

Display one question at a time, If your test has a lot of questions which take a long time to answer this is a good option

Randomise questions You have the option to randomise the questions if you wish

Randomise answers Multiple Choice and Matching answer choices are randomly ordered for students

Collect submissions offline (we don't do this with tests)

Test settings and information



















Marking and Submissions:

Mark category this will be Test.

Attempts allowed The number of attempts from 1 to 10 and Unlimited.

Grade using Points, Percentage, UON Letter..

Maximum points you can't edit the maximum points for an assessment that contains individually scored questions.

Anonymous Marking Hide Students names (which you cannot do for an Assessment with Questions) 

Evaluation Options:  There are 2 options; 2 markers per student, and Peer Review - neither which can be enabled for an assessment with questions

Assessment Mark: See "Assessments Results Timing" below 

Marking and Submissions































Assessment Results

Submission View 

Automated Question Fedback 

Question Scores 

Correct Answers 

Assessment Results 

















Assessments Results Timing

You can select a specific date when to release the results, or,

After all Marks have been Posted,

After Due date,

After Individual Mark has been Posted,

or After Submission 

Assessment Results Timing
























Security and Added Tools

Access Code: When the access code is on, an instructor or proctor provides a random generated 6 digit code so students can open an attempt 

Time Limit:  Add time limit in minutes. There are options to have:

1. Work automatically saved and submitted when time expires and

2. Students have extra time to work after the time limit expires

Use Marking Rubric: You can't add a rubric to an assessment with questions, bur you can add a file as a rubric to Essays (e.g. a spreadsheet file)

Goals and Standards: We do not use these

Assigned Groups: You cannot create groups for an assessment with multiple attempts

Description: A description of a test can be added if you wish

Assessment Security and Additional Tools

Assessment Results

.test settings

If you don't want students to automatically see which questions they answered correctly/incorrectly, you need to add one essay question to withhold all the results for the whole test. When you have manually added a point for the essay question, the results will be withheld until you click the post marks button in the gradebook.

Additional Tools

Time Limit How long the students have to complete the test

Use grading rubric You can't add a rubric to an assessment with questions. However the Essay type can have a rubric uploaded as a file.

Goals & standards Not something we use

Assigned groups, You can assign a group to a test if you are using groups.

Description A box where you can type in an optional description for the test

"Additional Tools settings"

 Select the Cancel or Save buttons for when you have finished

For further options see the Blackboard page on about-assessment-exceptions and Accomodations:

About assessment exceptions

When special circumstances arise, you can give an individual student an exception on a specific test or assignment. An exception includes additional attempts or extended access, even if the assessment is hidden from other students. You can extend access with the show on and hide after dates which is different from the due date.

Should you require urgent assistance with NILE, please contact the LearnTech Support Helpdesk via the online contact form