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Assignment Submission Guide for Original Courses

Information for Students

What is Turnitin?


Turnitin Feedback Studio (known as Turnitin) is an online service provided by the University through NILE. It is used for online submission of assignments, to check submissions for Originality, and for Tutors to provide feedback.  If you are asked to submit your assignment through Turnitin - you will find it in the 'Submit your Work' section of your module in NILE.  This guide explains how to submit an assignment using Turnitin.

Which browser should I use?

chrome logo   firefox logo   


  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

Chrome is free to download and use, and available from:

For help and support with Chrome, including help to install:

Firefox is free to download and use, and is available from:


For Mobile devices:

It is strongly recommended that you use a laptop/desktop, rather than a mobile device to upload and submit your assignment via Turnitin.  If you need to use a mobile or tablet, please use a recommended browser for your device (e.g. Chrome for Android), not the App.

Loan laptops are available from Waterside Campus LIbrary.

Not recommended and not supported: 

  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Opera

Which file type can I submit?

You will need to submit your assignment through Turnitin as a SINGLE file.  These formats can be submitted: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, PostScript, PDF, HTML, Rich text format (rtf), OpenOffice (odt), Hangul (hwp), Google Docs, and plain text.‚Äč

We recommend that you submit your document in PDF format, or Microsoft Word.

You are advised to test the submission of any PDF file well before the assignment due date, as not all PDF file formats can be accepted by Turnitin, for example if the pages have been scanned as an image, rather than as text.

NOTE: If you have used tracked changes in Microsoft Word, please ensure that you remove any markup by accepting all changes, removing comments, and turning Track Changes off before submitting. You may wish to make a final copy before doing this. Please see this guidance for more information - Turn off track changes in Microsoft Word.

Which file types can I not submit?

  • Password protected files
  • Microsoft® Works (.wps) files
  • Microsoft Word 2007 macros-enabled .docm files
  • OpenOffice Text (.odt) files created and downloaded from Google Docs online
  • Document (.doc) files created using OpenOffice, as they are not 100% Microsoft Word equivalent
  • Apple Pages
  • Spreadsheets created outside of Microsoft Excel (e.g. open document spreadsheet .ods)
  • Files or text with visual effects
  • Zip files

What is the file size limit?

The file size for a Turnitin submission may not exceed 100MB or 800 pages, and the document must contain at least 20 words. An assignment must be submitted as a single file.  If your file size exceeds the limit:

  • For WORD or PowerPoint: click any image, and from the picture toolbar click Compress picture, untick 'Apply only to this picture', use default resolution, click OK, and then Save.
  • 'Save As' PDF.

Guidance for students submitting work anonymously

If you have been told by your tutor that your assignment is being marked anonymously, please ensure that you follow the guidance on this page so that you don't accidentally deanonymise your work during the submission process.


Because you are logged into NILE when you submit your work to Turnitin, Turnitin knows who is submitting the work; this means that you do not need to include you name anywhere in the document, or in the file name. Turnitin will only reveal the names of students once the marking has been completed and the grades and feedback have been released.

Step 1: Anonymise your document

Make sure that your name and your student number do not appear anywhere on the pages of your document. This includes the header and footer of this document.

Step 2: Anonymise the file name

When you upload your work to Turnitin, the filename will be visible. This means that it is important not to include your name or your student number in the filename. Ideally, the filename you use should simply include the submission code and the module code. For example, PHI2032-ES1.docx

Step 3: Anonymise the Turnitin submission title

Finally, when you complete the Turnitin submission process, do not include your name or your student number in the submission title. The submission title can simply be the name of the assignment. For example, Environmental Ethics Essay.  Your submission (including first name and last name) will be recognised by Turnitin.

How do I submit my assignment through Turnitin?


Log in to NILE.

From your list of Courses, click the module in which you are going to submit your Turnitin assignment.

Click 'Submit your work'.

Click the title of the assignment, e.g. ES1 Essay:

turnitin logo
Turnitin will Launch.

Click the  ?  icon to check the assignment information. 

Click Upload Submission:

Select the Question mark icon for details of the assignment, then click Upload Submsssion

Type the title of your submission into the Submission Title text box.

Choose the File you wish to submit, then click Upload (bottom right).

Submit file to Turnitin

Then Review (check that this is the correct file) - you can choose to Preview, Cancel, or Submit to Turnitin:

Click Submit

You will see a message to tell you that your file is 'Submitting'.    

After a few moments, you will see a message confirming that your submission is Complete

In your Assignment Dashboard you can check the date/time of your submission; your Similarity score (this can take up to 24 hours); you can resubmit; and Download a digital receipt.

Turnitin digital receipt

Your Submission ID / Digital receipt is proof of your submission. If it is not available, your submission has not been successful and you will need to try again.

How do I resubmit / make another attempt?

Depending on the settings for the assignment, you may be allowed more attempts before the deadline. 

To submit another attempt, go to Submit your Work, click the name of the assignment, then click the upload button:

Resubmit Turnitin

Upload your file and confirm, as for a first submission.  You will receive a different Submission ID - please make a note of it.  Your previous attempts will be overwritten.

What is the Similarity Report?

Turnitin compares your paper against their very large database of web pages (including Wikipedia!), journals and publications, and repository of submitted papers (from all universities using Turnitin, including UoN), for any matching text.  After you have successfully submitted a paper  to Turnitin, you will see a Similarity Score, shown as a percentage %.  For the first 3 attempts, this will be available immediately, after that it may take up to 24 hours.  Click the similarity % to access your Similarity Report.

Turnitin similarity 

The Similarity Report includes the similarity score, which is the percentage of your paper's matches to other sources; and a report, highlighting any matching text, and giving a link to the source material.  There is not a minimum/maximum score that you need to 'achieve', and the report does not assess whether you have plariarised material. It is there to highlight source material, where matching with text in your paper, and you can use this to check that your work is indeed your own and/or that you have correctly referenced any source material.


                                      match overview

Should you require urgent assistance with NILE, please contact the LearnTech Support Helpdesk via the online contact form