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Learning Technology Team

Assignment Submission Guide for Original Courses

Information for Students

Submitting your assignment

At the University of Northampton you will probably find that many of your assignments are submitted electronically, usually via NILE.

To make this process more straightforward, we have created guides for the more common types of assignment submission which will take you through the process.

In most cases you will either submit assignments using Turnitin, or you will use the Blackboard assignment tool. The image below gives an indication of how the different assignment submission points look in NILE.

Turnitin and Blackboard assignment icons

You can always find the assignment submission points in the 'Submit your work' area in your NILE modules.

The following pages of this guide explain how to upload your assignments to the different types of submission point, and how to find your feedback and provisional grades.

Submitting a Blackboard Assignment

Blackboard Assignment

For assessments requiring you to submit multiple files, or a video / audio, or a group assignment, your tutor is likely to set up a submission point on NILE known as a Blackboard assignment. The procedure for submitting a Blackboard assignment is slightly different from that of submitting a Turnitin assignment.

Should you require urgent assistance with NILE, please contact the LearnTech Support Helpdesk via the online contact form