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Learning Technology Team

Ultra Workflow 2: Blackboard Assignment

Information for Staff

Giving feedback and grades to groups and students in Blackboard.

Select Mark to manually enter a numeric value or complete a rubric.


Select the Comment icon in the document viewer to enter feedback.

Select the Group or student tab to enter overall feedback.

Select Close to return to the Final Mark panel.

The group Submission now has overall group and individual feedback, inline comments and a letter grade.

Select Close to return to the Submissions screen.



Select Post to release a single group's feedback and grade.

Select Post All Marks to release the assignment grades and feedback to all students.

The UoN Grading Schemas
Undergraduate Numeric Grade Letter Grade Postgraduate Numeric Grade
90 A 90
78 A 77
73 A 72
68 B 68
65 B 65
61 B 61
58 C 58
55 C 55
51 C 51
48 D N/A
45 D N/A
41 D N/A
38 F 47
27 F 36
13 F 14
4 ZZ 4
3 LG 3
2 NG 2
1 AG 1
0 G 0

The University marks in grades and not percentages.  The UG grading structure goes from A+ to D- (pass marks), F+ to F- and G (fail). The PG grading structure goes from A+ to C- (pass marks), F+ to F- and G (fail). 

Failure to submit an item of assessment, or attend an examination will result in the awarding of a ‘G’ grade. Each grade is linked to a numeric value in the student record system to ensure that the classification algorithm can be run.

LG – submitted late and outside timeframe allowed; “3”

NG – submitted but work contained nothing of merit; “2”

AG – submitted but awarded G grade following outcome of Academic Misconduct Panel. “1”

G – nothing submitted.  “0”

Prior to Submitting and Grading Electronically (SaGE) students whose grades were suspended due to suspected misconduct, staff would have allocated a ZZ Grade. Exempt Grade is the electronic equivalent.

Should you require urgent assistance with NILE, please contact the LearnTech Support Helpdesk via the online contact form