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Learning Technology Team

Ultra Workflow 2: Blackboard Assignment

Information for Staff

Identifying and contacting non-submitters.

Select the assignment from either the Content area or the Gradebook.

Select the Submissions section to view the assignment inbox.

Set the student status filter to No Submission.

Select all students in the check box.

Select Send Message to create a message.

NOTE: When selecting more than one student as a recipient of a message, the recipients will be BCC’d into the message, ensuring that students’ identity and contact information remain confidential.

As well as being able to email non-submitters from an Ultra assignment inbox, staff can also use this functionality to send email messages to students based on other criteria. By using the inbox filters and the sortable header columns, staff can quickly organise the inbox, and can also manually choose one or more students to send email messages to from the Ultra assignment inbox.

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