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Learning Technology Team

Ultra Workflow 2: Blackboard Assignment

Information for Staff

Select Gradebook

Select Gradebook Settings


Select the Create New Rubric option.


Give your rubric a description based on the assessment ID and title.

Select Percentage Range from the Rubric Type drop-down menu.

Rename each Criteria to match your Learning Outcomes.

Amend the percentage weighting of each Learning Outcome so the overall total is one hundred.

Insert additional Learning Outcomes or delete any you don't need.

Rename the column headings to match the Undergraduate levels of achievement.

Amend the percentage ranges of each level of achievement.


Select Save.

You have created a rubric.

The Undergraduate levels of achievement are as follows:

Distinction is between 70% and 100%

Merit is between 60% and 69%

Commended is between 50% and 59%

Pass is between 40% and 49%

Fail is between 0% and 39%


The Postgraduate levels of achievement are as follows:

Distinction is between 70% and 100%

Merit is between 60% and 69%

Pass is between 50% and 59%

Fail is between 0% and 49%


Select the Rubric option in the feedback and grading screen.


For each Learning Outcome, enter a numeric value against the level of achievement.

You can add a value which falls in the middle of each level of achievement grading band, or select a value which corresponds to a letter grade in the list below:

Numeric values mapped against UG and PG letter grades
Undergraduate Numeric Grade Letter Grade Postgraduate Numeric Grade
90 A+ 90
78 A 77
73 A- 72
68 B+ 68
65 B 65
61 B- 61
58 C+ 58
55 C 55
51 C- 51
48 D+ n/a
45 D n/a
41 D- n/a
38 F+ 47
27 F 36
13 F- 14
4 ZZ 4
3 LG 3
2 NG 2
1 AG 1
0 G 0

Ensure the accumulated numeric values display the appropriate overall grade.


Continue to add additional overall or inline grading as appropriate.

Should you require urgent assistance with NILE, please contact the LearnTech Support Helpdesk via the online contact form