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Ultra Workflow 1: Turnitin

Information for Staff

Extensions and late submissions

There are two main settings to consider for late submissions and authorised extensions to Turnitin assignments. These only apply to the first-sit assignment, not the re-sit assignment as the deadline for the re-sit is final. 

The first-sit Turnitin submission point should be set to allow late submissions, as described in the section of this guide 'Setting up a Turnitin submission point'.

If a student has already made a submission prior to the deadline and needs to submit late, or has an agreed extension, their previously submitted paper will need to be removed from the submission point before they are able to submit another once the deadline has passed. This is because once the due date is reached, all submitted work is locked and re-submissions are not allowed.

The steps to correct each scenario are listed below.

Ensuring Turnitin allows late submissions

First-sit assignments should be set to allow submissions after the due date. The steps below show how to check that this is the case and how to make changes if necessary.

Navigate to the Gradebook in the course menu and select the assignment heading link.


Go to the settings page using the cog icon and expand the Optional Settings section.


Ensure the Allow late submissions option is ticked.


Use the Submit button to save changes. If you do not need to make changes, you can navigate away from this page.


Removing papers to allow extensions and late submissions.

On the due date, all submitted work is locked for assessment and re-submission is not allowed. If you have given a student an extension and they have submitted a draft assignment before the due date, you will need to remove that draft submission from the inbox.

NOTE: For anonymous assignments, you will need to know the paper ID from the student in order to remove the correct submission. Ask the student to provide you with their Turnitin receipt which has this information on.

Navigate to the Gradebook in the course menu and select the assignment heading link.


From the assignment inbox, locate the submission by Paper ID and open the Options for that paper. Choose 'Remove From Inbox' from the menu and confirm the removal.

NOTE: It is advisable to first download a copy of the original file as a backup, using the download link in the same location. There is no need to request a permanent deletion for the purpose of resubmission



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