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Ultra Workflow 1: Turnitin

Information for Staff

Releasing feedback and grades

Feedback and grades should be released to all students per assignment, four working weeks after the due date.

There are three actions required to ensure that grades are released to all students at the same time. Please follow the step by step guidance below.


On the post date, when the grades have been automatically deanonymised by Turnitin and sent to the gradebook in the NILE course, tutors will need to sense-check the grades for the assignment to see if there are any grades that seem anomalous. If this is the case then the existing policy requirements kick in as normal: i.e. the tutor should ZZ the grade and can invite the student for an academic misconduct viva prior to making a referral, if this is appropriate after the viva.

Apply capped grades

Now that marking and internal moderation is complete, return to the Turnitin inbox and reveal the student identities against each submission made after the due date as indicated in the date column; late submissions will be highlighted red.

The reveal identity button is in the second column of the table.

Enter a reason for turning off anonymous marking for the selected student. The term 'late submission' will suffice. Use the Reveal button to confirm.


The name will show in the Turnitin inbox.

For each student whose anonymity has been lifted, if the student has an agreed extension and their submission date falls within the boundaries of that extension period, then the grade originally awarded by the first marker and internal moderator remains in place. If the student does not have an agreed extension, or if the work was granted an extension and was submitted outside of the agreed extension period then, depending on how late the work was submitted, the grade will need to be capped prior to being released to the student in line with University policy - see the Staff Handbook (link below) for more details about how to handle late submissions. For each student deemed to have submitted late, return to the Feedback Studio view and overwrite the grade value appropriately.

Please refer to the earlier section of this guide 'Giving feedback and grades to students in Turnitin' for step by step guidance on applying grades and for details of the score to letter grade conversion.

Check the feedback release date is correct

It is important to ensure that the Turnitin feedback release date is set correctly. This setting governs when the anonymity rules are lifted, allowing the grades to be shown in the grade centre next to the relevant student. It also permits students to view their feedback within Turnitin Feedback Studio.

Navigate to the Gradebook in the course menu and select the assignment heading link.


Go to the settings page using the cog icon. Ensure the feedback release date is correct. If necessary, adjust it using the date picker tool or by entering the date in the text box.


Take extra care when making adjustments to the post date. If it is accidentally set earlier than the current date, all anonymitiy will be lifted and cannot be re-imposed.

Use the Submit button to save the changes when you are confident the setting is correct.


Check the gradebook marks have been posted

Turnitin should have already posted the grades based on the feedback release date (see the section of this guide, 'Check the feedback release date is correct'). However, it is still a good idea to check that the grades have been posted from the gradebook once the feedback release date and time has passed.

Navigate to the gradebook using the course menu.

If the Post marks button is still showing next to the assignment you are ready to release, then select it now.

Note: If the Post marks button is not showing, then Turnitin has already completed this step for you and there is no further action to take.


When you click the Post marks button, a message will ask for confirmation. Click the Post All Marks button to release all feedback and grades to all students.


Your students will now be able to view their feedback and grades. If you would like to see how the students access their feedback and grades, please follow the link at the end of this section to view the student guide.


If you require assistance with NILE, please contact LearnTech Support using the NILE Enquiry Form

If you require assistance with PebblePad, please contact PebblePad Support using the PebblePad Contact Form