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Using Turnitin for Submissions

Information for Students
Anonymous Marking and Covid-19

Please be aware that late submissions and the granting of extensions may impact the ability for your work to be marked anonymously.

Guidance for students submitting work anonymously

If you have been told by your tutor that your assignment is being marked anonymously, please ensure that you follow the guidance on this page so that you don't accidentally deanonymise your work during the submission process.


Because you are logged into NILE when you submit your work to Turnitin, Turnitin knows who is submitting the work; this means that you do not need to include you name anywhere in the document, or in the file name. Turnitin will only reveal the names of students once the marking has been completed and the grades and feedback have been released.

Step 1: Anonymise your document

Make sure that your name and your student number do not appear anywhere on the pages of your document. This includes the header and footer of this document.

Step 2: Anonymise the file name

When you upload your work to Turnitin, the filename will be visible (see image below). This means that it is important not to include your name or your student number in the filename. Ideally, the filename you use should simply include the submission code and the module code. For example, PHI2032-AS1.docx

Anonymise the file name

Step 3: Anonymise the Turnitin submission title

Finally, when you complete the Turnitin submission process, do not include your name or your student number in the Turnitin submission title. The submission title can simply be the name of the assignment. For example, Environmental Ethics Essay.

Please note that your first name and your last name will be added automatically by Turnitin.

Turnitin Anonymous Submission

More information about making a Turnitin submission

For full guidance on making a Turnitin submission, please see the next page of this guide: Submitting a Turnitin Assignment.

Should you require urgent assistance with NILE, please contact the LearnTech Support Helpdesk via the online contact form