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Learning Technology Team

Using Turnitin for Submissions

Information for Students

How do I submit an assignment through Turnitin?

Log in to NILE – you can go directly at (there is no www.)

From your list of Courses, click the module in which you are going to submit your Turnitin assignment.

From the menu on the left, click Submit your Work.

Click View/Complete below the title of the assignment you are submitting, for example: 

Turnitin View/Complete


You now see the Assignment Inbox – check the Info, rubric (if shown), and the due date, before clicking Submit

Turnitin submit


You now see the Submit page (Single File Upload) – with your name already displayed.

Enter the title of your submission.

Check ‘What can I submit?’

Read the Student Declaration!

STEP 1 - Choose the file you want to Upload:

Choose the file you want to upload to Turnitin

Check the file name, to make sure you have attached the right file, and then click Upload.

upload file


Check the details on the next screen, and Confirm that this is the file you would like to submit....

click the Confirm button


Make a note (or screenshot) of your Submission ID - this is Confirmation that you have submitted your assignment.  You should also receive confirmation of your submission ID by email.

Congratulations - your submission is complete!  This is your digital receipt.  You can print a copy of this receipt from within the Document Viewer.


You can also download a copy of your digital receipt.  Click on 'Return to assignment list'. From there, you can use the download icon to save a copy of your digital receipt to your computer.

digital receipt download button

Your Submission ID / Digital receipt is proof of your submission. If it is not available, your submission has not been successful and you will need to try again.


How do I resubmit / make another attempt?

Depending on the settings for the assignment, you may be allowed more attempts before the deadline. 

To submit another attempt, go to Submit your Work, click the name of the assignment, then click View/Complete:

Turnitin View/Complete

Upload your file and confirm, as for a first submission.  You will receive a different Submission ID - please make a note of it.  Your previous attempts will be overwritten.

Should you require urgent assistance with NILE, please contact the LearnTech Support Helpdesk via the online contact form