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Workflow 1a: Turnitin

Information for Staff

Internal moderation: The instructor notes area

It is important that moderation notes are recorded in a place which is easy to access for all staff who have a need to track grades. As such, emails are not considered a suitable record: Agreements on grades could be difficult to track if a person is on leave, or no longer works at the University. The best place to record notes is within the NILE grade centre, next to the students' grades. This guide shows you how to enter comments in the grade centre where only other instructors on the NILE course can see them and students cannot.

In the NILE course, navigate to Course Management, Control Panel, Grade Centre, Full Grade Centre.

The full grade centre link is under the fourth subheading of the control panel 

Next to the grade in question, use the contextual menu to select the Attempt option.

The Attempt is the last option in the contextual menu list and has date and grade information in the link.

On the following page, locate the instructor notes section. All details entered in this area are only available to users with instructor-level access to the NILE course.

The notes text box can contain a lot of characters. The button to attach a local file is after the text box

Enter your notes in the text box as per the recommendations on the rest of this guide page, 'Recommendations for internal moderation notes'.

It is also possible to attach documents with the choose file button. This may be useful if there is a lot of documentation surrounding the moderation of this particular student's grade.

Use the Submit button to save your comments.


If the original grade needs to be changed after the moderation process, ensure that it is changed in Turnitin, not the grade centre. Return to the Feedback studio view and update the grade according to the grading schema. Please see the earlier part of this guide 'Giving feedback and grades to students in Turnitin' if you require step by step guidance.

Recommendations for internal moderation notes

Moderation notes may be used when:

  • The first marker would like to flag an attempt for moderation where the moderator is guided towards a sample. Please see the last section of this guide, 'Sending grades to the SATs' for steps on how to view all instructor notes within a single grade centre column.
  • The moderator needs to make comments about a grade, agree a grade, or challenge a grade.


When making moderation notes, remember to:

  • Record your name, or at least your initials next to each note you add. 
  • Record the date next to each note you add.
  • Do not delete any previous notes.
  • Add new notes to the top of the text field and enter blank lines to move older notes down a line or two.
  • Attach a file for lengthy notes or accompanying paperwork during complex moderation conversations.


Notes in the text box are short and include comments, grade, date, and initials

Should you require urgent assistance with NILE, please contact the LearnTech Support Helpdesk via the online contact form