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Learning Technology Team

Workflow 1: Turnitin

Information for Staff

How to access and view the grade centre

Log in to NILE at with the username and password provided by the External Examiners team.

Select the module listed in the Courses section of the main navigation menu. Contact the module tutor if a module is not visible.

Ultra Courses

The link to the grade centre is available in the course's Control Panel. To view the entire grade centre, which will display all students and all assignments and grades, select 'Grade Centre'  and choose 'Full Grade Centre'.

If a custom smart view of the grade centre has been created it will be indented and shown immediately below 'Full Grade Centre' (shown in the image below as 'External Examiner AS1', and 'External Examiner View 2')

A smart view is a customised, cut down view of the grade centre in which particular students and assignments have been pre-selected for display. The module leader will be able to tell you more about whether smart views have been used or not. 

How to view a Turnitin assignment

To view a particular Turnitin assignment, move your mouse into cell in which the grade appears and click on the grey drop-down arrow that appears to the right of the grade. In the example below the mouse is over the cell for Riker, AS2, and the grey drop-down arrow is visible to the right of the B grade.


Depending on the type of Turnitin assignment that has been set up, one of the two following menus will be displayed:


To access the assignment, select the last option in the list, either 'Attempt (+ Date & Grade)' or 'Mark User Activity'

Where the list displays 'Attempt (+ Date & Grade)', on the following screen select the link to 'User's Paper' to open the student's submission in Turnitin Feedback Studio.

Where the list displays 'Mark User Activity', selecting this link will take you to the Turnitin Assignment Inbox. From here, you can choose to view any of the submissions by selecting the assignment title.

Whichever way the paper is accessed, once the assignment opens in Turnitin Feedback Studio you can view the paper along with any feedback that has been recorded.

Where to record and store your external examiner moderation notes

Download the blank External Examiner Moderation form at the end of this guide.

Select the External Examiner link in the course navigation menu.

Select Build Content and choose Item from Create menu.

Browse your computer to locate and upload your completed moderation form.

Select Submit to proceed.

Check you have uploaded the correct document.

Select the Edit option and set the document to be Unavailable to prevent it being accidentally accessed by students.

Repeat this process for additional assessments.

Should you require urgent assistance with NILE, please contact the LearnTech Support Helpdesk via the online contact form