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Workflow 1a: Old Turnitin Assignments

Information for Staff

Important: Managing old Turnitin assignments

From 7th February 2022, all new Turnitin assignments must be created with a new version of the Turnitin tool. Existing Turnitin assignments can still be managed from with Blackboard Learn. Viewing previously submitted papers, applying grades, moderation, and sending grades to the student records team can all be done using the guidance below. Use the left hand menu to navigate to the relevant part of the guide.

Creating a new Turnitin assignment? Visit this guide instead: Workflow 1: Turnitin

Overview of the anonymous submission and marking process in Turnitin

As a reminder, here is the submission and marking process which would have been followed using the old Turnitin tool.

  1. Set up the Turnitin submission point with anonymous submission set to ‘yes’.
  2. Ensure that students know how to prepare work for anonymous submission (see Student Guide to Anonymous Submission).
  3. Students submit work for assessment.
  4. First marking.
  5. Internal moderation.
  6. Grades and feedback finalised (i.e., agreed between the first marker and internal moderator).
  7. Internal moderation document(s) uploaded/added to 'External examiner' area in NILE.
  8. All submissions made after the due date de-anonymised by first marker.
  9. Grades for late submissions capped by first marker in line with University policy.
  10. Feedback and grades released to students.
  11. Grade details downloaded from Grade Centre and sent to Student Records.
  12. Sample selected for External Examiner and corresponding Smart View created in Grade Centre.

UON policies and official guidance related to anonymous marking

Should you require urgent assistance with NILE, please contact the LearnTech Support Helpdesk via the online contact form