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Learning Technology Team

Workflow 1a: Old Turnitin Assignments

Information for Staff

Sending reminders to non-submitters from Turnitin

Instructors can use a feature in Turnitin to send emails to students who have not submitted an assignment by the due date.

NOTE: This feature is only applicable for first submissions.

Navigate to course management, course tools, Turnitin assignments.

The course tools menu is listed alphabetically.

Select the name of the assignment. The Turnitin inbox will be presented. Names will not be listed on anonymous assignments.

First, use the Roster Sync feature to ensure all students on the course are correctly listed in the Turnitin Inbox.

NOTE: This is an important step and must be carried out before sending reminders.

The roster sync link is in the list of controls

Now select the link to Email non-submitters on the same menu.

Find the email non-submitters link in the same menu as the roster sync link you have just used.

Compose your email and use the send button to email all students who have not submitted any work yet. Tick the box labelled 'Include me' if you want to receive a copy of the email.

The text entry boxes are for subject heading and the main message body

Please find some recommended text to adapt to your needs below if you wish to use it:

Dear Student, We are concerned that you have not submitted the following assignment:

[Module name]

[Assignment name]

Due date: [Date]

In accordance with University policy, if you submit within one week of the deadline your work can still be marked but will be subject to a capped grade. If the due date is missing from the information above, then please refer to the Assessment information. If you have received mitigating circumstances or an extension, please ignore this email. Should you wish to discuss your non-submission then we strongly encourage you to contact your module leader so that we are able to better support you.

Should you require urgent assistance with NILE, please contact the LearnTech Support Helpdesk via the online contact form