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Learning Technology Team

Workflow 1a: Old Turnitin Assignments

Information for Staff

The Turnitin Inbox and student submissions

While it is possible to reach the student papers submitted to Turnitin in a number of different ways, the below guidance outlines the simplest method to view the submissions.

In the relevant NILE course, navigate to Course Management, Control Panel, Course Tools, Turnitin assignments. 

The turnitin assignments is low down in the site tools menu, which is in alphabetical order

Select the assignment title from the list of all Turnitin assignments in the course.

Turnitin assignments are listed in the order they were created on the system

The Turnitin Inbox will be displayed. You can view a paper by selecting the title. This will open up a new browser window and launch the Feedback Studio viewer.

The title of the paper is in the third column of the table


Once the Feedback Studio viewer has been launched, it is possible to navigate through student submissions without returning to the Inbox. Use the arrows in the top right of the screen to cycle through submitted papers one at a time, or jump to a particular paper from the dropdown list.

The next and previous submission buttons are located at the top of the Feedback Studio window 

Viewing the papers assigned to you for marking

In cases where the assignment has multiple markers, follow the steps below to locate the submissions you have been delegated. This only applies when the features outlined in the section of this guide, 'Assigning anonymous submissions to multiple markers', have been utilised. Please contact the module coordinator if you are in doubt.

Navigate to the Course menu, expand the Course Tools heading, and select Turnitin Assignments by Groups.

The course tools menu is listed in alphabetical order.

Select the assignment you wish to view.

The assignments are listed in the order they were created.

Select the name of the group you have been assigned to mark. Please speak to the module co-ordinator if you require clarification.


View a paper by selecting its title. The Feedback Studio view will open.

The title of each submission is in the second column in the table.

Should you require urgent assistance with NILE, please contact the LearnTech Support Helpdesk via the online contact form