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School visits: Home

Please note that we are not processing membership applications at this time. We will begin to process applications when all the necessary teams have returned to campus. 

Secondary schools

Teachers and librarians from local secondary schools are welcome to book a free session designed to support students who are researching a topic (for example, EPQ). This session includes a tour of the Learning Hub, introduction to library resources and tips on how to search for relevant information. It lasts approximately 40 minutes but we would suggest that you allow at least two hours for your visit so students may explore for themselves afterwards. Please note that there is no access to printers, photocopiers, laptops, PCs or e-resources. Researching your topic sessions are available all year round apart from during September and October and are subject to staff availability. 


Tailored sessions covering introductions to referencing, critical thinking and resource evaluation may be arranged with our Learning Development tutors. Please note that we can only provide these sessions during the Summer Term, subject to staff and room availability.


Please send all enquiries to


If you are a member of staff or a student at a local school and you wish to borrow resources, you may apply for membership of The University of Northampton Library (students will need a member of staff from the school to act as a guarantor). This membership will allow you to borrow up to five ‘4 week’ loans (not including DVDs or items from the School Experience Collection) at a time. It does not allow you to reserve books or rooms or to access printers, photocopiers, laptops, PCs or e-resources. 


Please note! If you are under 18 years of age you will need to be accompanied by someone who is over 18 each time you visit. They will need to obtain a Visitor Pass from Senate Reception. 


Good to know, if you're becoming a member....progress of loaned items

48 hours before due date:  Notice will be sent to remind you that your item is nearing its due date. It includes details of how to renew your item if no-one else has requested it.

24 hours after due date: Notice will be sent, informing you that your item is now overdue and reminding you to either return or renew it.

7 days after due date: Notice will be sent, informing you that your item is overdue and renewal is no longer an option as others may be waiting to use it.

14 days overdue: Notice will be sent, asking you to return the item as it is 2 weeks overdue.

21 days overdue: Final reminder will be sent, asking you to return the item to avoid being billed for a replacement copy.

28 days overdue: Bill for £40 to cover the cost of replacing the item will be sent. You will have 21 days to pay the bill, or return the item to have the bill cancelled.

50 days overdue: If you have not paid your bill or returned the overdue item, the bill will be transferred to Finance, you will no longer have the option to return the item as a replacement copy will already have been purchased.

Primary schools

We are keen to engage with local primary schools and can offer free advice on how to establish and maintain school libraries, with pupil involvement. Teachers can bring their pupils to visit to explore our library and participate in activities geared towards encouraging reading.  Contact to discuss your needs.

Community - work experience

Experience (unpaid) working in a busy University Library, helping with projects, shadowing staff and Help Desks and supporting students. Learn about what goes on behind the scenes and talk to our staff about the various jobs they do. Please note – places are limited (between November and June) and are subject to staff availability. Contact


Get involved...

So, here's the a monthly lunchtime event where a speaker talks about whatever they want for up to an hour. Anyone is welcome to take to the stage or to join the audience. Check out details of upcoming sessions. Contact for further details.


Telling Tales takes place every March and is an opportunity for staff, students and members of the public to read their creative writing aloud to an audience. Anyone is welcome to take to the stage or to join the audience. Contact for further details.