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Business Systems and Operations Subject Guide

An Academic Librarian guide for students


Welcome to the Library and Learning Services (LLS) guide for Business Systems and Operations. This guide contains subject specific advice and links to videos and tutorials, which will help you improve your skills in finding, using and evaluating information for success on your course.

You can book an appointment with me or one of my colleagues for help with literature searching and referencing. I can offer help via telephone or email. You can book a 1:1 appointment or attend a 10 minute Drop-In session using our online student app.

For general support on how to use the library resources and help with core academic skills such as essay writing, visit the Skills Hub.

Joanne Farmer

Your topic

First things first, you need to think about what it is you have been tasked to do.

  • What is your research question? 
  • What do you understand about the question?
  • What information do you need to support your response?

It would be a good idea to organise your thoughts at this stage and start a mindmap to help. You can always change it or add to it later.  

If you don't understand your research question, you may need to discuss this further with your tutor or, if there is an opportunity, raise your questions in class. If you don't understand a concept or idea that is included in an assignment brief, it may worth looking for an introductory book in the library that would help you. Don't forget, there are many online books now and you can search for these via NELSON.

Have a look at the Plan section for more help with starting your research.