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Dawsonera e-books - How to export your notes: Home

Exporting your notes from Dawsonera e-books

1. Login to your Dawsonera account (your university account or staff ID) via NELSON

2. Go to [My Account]:

My Account button in top toolbar

3. Choose the individual titles which you have notes saved against:

Chose top option of left menu named My Bookshelf

4. Click [Notes] tab, then [Export]:

Notes button in top menu, export button on menu underneath

5. A pop-up window will appear and click [Export notes] button:

Pop up notice, click export notes

6. It will export your notes in a rich text format (rtf).  Click to open the file – at the bottom left hand corner of your browser.  It will open in Word and you can save it as a Word document:

Numbered Word document will appear in the task bar