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Search Smart

How to find what you need, and ignore what you don't

Welcome to Search Smart

Wow the world is a big place! And so totally jam packed with information! Where to start? Typing your topic or title into a search engine is a mistake - there is just too much in the world to get less than a trillion results! And the perfect answer for you could be on page 8914, but how would you know? We are going to tell you how!

When you are researching a topic, it is one of those times that you don’t want millions of sources of information. What you really want is a few really good quality sources. It sounds wrong doesn’t it, that less information is more helpful? But do you want to confuse your brain by trying to read millions of pieces of information and then trying to remember where you read that really helpful thing that day, you know, when you had that red t-shirt on, and that pencil you like writing with… train of thought gone? Yep, that’s what happens when you try to read a million pieces of information.