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EPQ skills: Home

Skills you need to make your EPQ a success

Knowing how to find good information is a life hack. No matter what you chose to do after school, knowing how to recognise good quality information will help you to always find the best answer. You already know how to find what you want, how to structure essays, how to write. What is different with the EPQ? You need to plan your time and take care to structure your work. It’s 5000 words, that’s a lot of words! If you organise yourself and your time, this is not as impossible as it seems.

We know that organising yourself, your time- all while researching and writing- is easier said than done! But we are total pros at helping our students and ourselves learn how to balance all these things we are trying to juggle. Before you go any further, you should check out the videos and guides on our Skills Hub (covering topics like managing your time, critical thinking, academic writing, evaluating sources and referencing). And because we are super lovely, everything on the site is free for you to use absolutely any time you want. We’ve put what we think will be particularly useful to you under the Schools and Community tab but explore the whole site – it’s packed full of advice and tips.

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