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Five simple steps to REF OA compliance: Home

Step one- Prior to publishing

  • Check if the journal is compliant and reputable
  • Does journal allow deposit of accepted manuscript in institutional repository – within 12 months from publication for Panels A & B, or 24 months for Panels C & D.
  • If not – or unsure – email

Step two- Create a publication record

  • Log into Pure
  • Select the “Add Content” button and select the appropriate output type
  • Complete all compulsory fields
  • Complete “Add publication status and date...” Submitted or in preparation

Save record as “entry in progress”

Step three- When output is accepted for publication

  • Complete “Add publication status and date...” – Accepted/Inpress – enter full date dd/mm/yyyy
  • Upload the Accepted Manuscript (Add electronic version (file, DOI, or link)...)
  • Select Document Version of Accepted Author Manuscript
  • Select access as unknown, click on create
  • Add as much information as possible
  • Mark record “for validation”

Don’t forget to save the record

Step four- Once output has been published

  • Update publication status - “Add publication status and date...” published, or epbub ahead of print – enter full date dd/mm/yyyy
  • Add as much information as possible – e.g., keywords
  • Set record for “Revalidation”

Step five- Once output has been validated

  • Research Support staff will check copyright and metadata and validate the record.
  • Once validated – the output will be included the public pure portal.

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