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Funding Institutional: About Funding Institutional

Funding Institutional combines over 18,000 active funding opportunities with information on over 6.3 million awarded research grants from a wide-range of funders.

Search easily for active, accurate funding opportunities in a timely manner from over 4,300 government and private funding organizations, and by offering insight into research that has already been funded in your area of interest.

Funding Institutional is integrated into Pure so that you can access opportunities from Pure or Funding Institutional directly and easily share opportunities with colleagues.

Before you start using Funding Institutional, log in via institution. 

Funding Institutional login instructions

  • Log in
  • Click on your profile at the top right ….. it’s the circle with your initials in it at the top right
  • Click on “Account” and scroll to the bottom of the page
  • There you will see:  A screen with a unique PURE account code to copy into PURE
  • Copy the ID presented there. Don’t copy the one in the screenshot. Copy the one in your FI 


  • Go to your profile settings at the top and the following can be found:

Connect with Funding Institutional page with box to paste in the code

  • Paste the ID from FI there
  • Click save