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The Leather Collection: Home

You should be able to find all items from your Leather Technology or Leatherseller's Diploma reading lists at Waterside. If, however, you find that the item from your reading list is not at Waterside, please email and we will collect the item and deliver it to Waterside for you. 

The Leather Collection is made up of books and journals that are all about using leather and its products. If you need to access one of the these books or journals, use NELSON to search for it by title or author. You will then see a list of results, telling you where the item is located;

Catalogue entry labelled as being held at in storage

Catalogue entry labelled as being held at Waterside

If the item is at Waterside, then please come along and borrow it or use it onsite in the normal way. If the item says it is located at the "Waterside Leather Collection Store" this means it is in storage. We are happy to retrieve the item and bring it to Waterside.